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How do I sell on JCT?

Most counselors have created their own handouts and worksheets. Might as well share the love and make some extra cash! Create an account and post your original resources. Your first product needs to be a freebie, but after that you can post as many original resources as you want and price them however you like. It’s free to post and you will receive 60% of each sale. We want our counselors to get the most for their creations. By posting to JCT, you are confirming that the resource is an original, created by you. 

How much should I charge for my products?

The main goal of JCT is to share our resources and make a little extra cash, so we recommend using minimal prices of $1-5 for most resources. Obviously more complex resources will be worth more, and you should charge what you would happily pay for a digital download of your product. 

Can I offer free resources on Just Counseling Things?

Yes, you have the option to offer free resources on our platform. Providing free resources is a fantastic way to contribute to the counseling community and showcase your expertise.

A product on JCT violates my copyright. What can I do?

Write to us at and send us verification of copyright. We will remove the product asap.