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6 session Relevant Issues (Trauma) Group - Teens

6 session Relevant Issues (Trauma) Group - Teens

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This is a 6 week (weekly) trauma group curriculum with weekly agendas for teens. This group focuses on watching 20-minute segments from Will Smith's Pursuit of Happiness. 

Through this group, we use relevant movies to open discussion and level the playing field in session. In this six-session plan, I have included the beginning of the group and how it would carry out through one movie. In this group, more than one movie would be watched. Through this movie clip, kids will relate to each other because they open up about how they can relate and see that others have experienced some similar things. The first movie we watch is usually Freedom Writers and the second is usually Pursuit of Happiness. This treatment plan is for the Pursuit of Happiness portion. When we process through each relevant issue in the movie it helps kids connect with the main character, Chris, and his son in a way that they would not if they didn’t think about it. This connection helps them share in his victory at the end of the movie. 

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