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Autumn Journaling Prompts: Harvest and Hibernation

Autumn Journaling Prompts: Harvest and Hibernation

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25 pages for seasonal journaling prompts, appropriate for in therapy or to share with clients.  

This is the time to harvest your bounty from the year and simultaneously ready yourself for hibernation. Bounty can be a physical harvest as well as personal success.

The significance of the Autumnal Equinox for the person walking the spiritual path is the time of year when we become silent and focus our energies introspectively, we are allowing space for our greater vision to emerge. What do you want in your space?

You can feel it in the air. You can sense it in the light. You can see it in the leaves. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, all that was bright quickly fades as time teeters on the edge between dark and light. Everything must eventually change, and so the autumn equinox is a time to reassess; to come back, look around, and take stock of how things are, of what you have, of what you’ve lost, of all the success and the mistakes you’ve made along the way. Doing so allows you to renew yourself and your purpose at this turn of the year. The Old English word for autumn was actually “harvest.” Not only is this a time of gathering, plucking, and reaping crops, but also a time of reckoning with all that life has given us and how we have shown up to receive it. Have our hands been grabby, clingy, or possessive? Have we hoarded our harvests and kept our gifts to ourselves? Have we taken more when we’ve already been full? Or maybe we find that our thoughts only focus on scarcity when life tries to show us its abundance? This time of harvest is asking us to not only reap the gifts of this season but also wonder about how we are taking them.

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