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Progress Notes and Treatment Plan Maker

Progress Notes and Treatment Plan Maker

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Templates and generators to crafting clinical, progress, and session notes with ease. Spend half the time as before on documentation with IrisMed

The 3-Step Journey:

  • Templates Tailored for You: Harness the power of our Progress Note for precise patient encounter tracking and the Treatment Plan for strategic patient care. Unlock smarter healthcare management, ensuring top-tier patient care and streamlined documentation.
  • Effortless Form Completion: Craft a clinical note with AutoNotes by summarizing your session in a few lines. Detail out treatment goals, practices, primary to tertiary diagnoses, and choose from diverse note formats such as SOAP, DAP, and GIRP. Integrate ICD-10 codes, Mental Status Exams, and session specifics for a holistic clinical note.
  • Personalize, Generate, and Organize: Design notes with your branding, clinician data, and essential client details in a neat header. Export as PDFs for seamless storage. Always professional, always straightforward.

Why Choose IrisMed? Shed the burdens of time-consuming note-making. With IrisMed, center your energies on premier patient care, fueled by the precision of AI. 

This purchase will provide a free license ($300 value) to you for 6 months from the time of redemption.

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